Airbnb Website Templates

Website templates for Airbnb hosts!
While Airbnb opens up endless possibilities for your holiday home, it also unavoidably puts you up against direct competition in your area or city.
5 Reasons why you should have a website for your Airbnb:
1. Having a website for your holiday home establishes trust, credibility and professionalism. It reassures guests that you are a legitimate accommodation source and that you are invested in your home.
2. A website is a great platform to add more photos and information that the standardised template on Airbnb. A website allows you to showcase the unique features and benefits of your holiday home as well as what the local area has to offer. For example, you can choose to feature a whole section on being ‘dog friendly’ rather than just a check box. A well designed and informative site makes a great first impression and guests will be more inclined to book with you.
3. Airbnb is competitive…very competitive. A website provides you with a competitive advantage over similar holiday homes, with both the above mentioned features and the additional site listed on search platforms, you are more likely to be found and users are more inclined to book if they like what they see.
4. A website provides you access to a variety of digital marketing tools such as Google adwords and retargeting advertisements.
5. Being able to a clean URL such as to potential guests and on social media posts is a lot easier to identify and remember than an Airbnb URL.

Overall, having your own custom website allows you to showcase your holiday home and stand out from competitors.

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